Product For :

  • System Design and Verification
    • Achieving system-level verification by enabling first working silicon with first working software.
  • Functional Verification
    • Achieving a predictable path to verification closure.
  • Logic Design
    • Balancing performance, power, cost, functional complexity, and schedule.
  • Digital Implementation
    • Optimizing logical, physical, electrical, and manufacturing effects.
  • Custom IC Design
    • Manipulating precise analog quantities while addressing complex digital and RF content
  • RF Design
    • Putting the wireless in wireless ICs.
  • PCB Design
    • Preserving design intent with constraint-driven, collaborative power.
  • IC Packaging and SiP Design
    • Achieving product goals through constraint-driven package design.
  • Manufacturability Signoff
    • Maximizing yield, from concept through signoff.